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Erotica fiction Hetero

Erotiac put her hand over her mouth, worried that she would moan too loudly. Sarah tried to focus. Would you mind terribly if I sexually harassed you? The simple idea of him being attracted to her was thrilling enough, but to be fucking him right there in the office was incredible.

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Within seconds he had buried her face between her thighs, plunging his wet tongue into erotia folds. This site is run by two women who passionately believe in offering female surfers better porn. He tugged her panties down and pushed her flat onto the desk, opening her legs and admiring her now exposed pussy. As Steve pushed faster and harder, Sarah felt another orgasm swelling.

Still panting, she lifted her head and saw the need in Steve's eyes. It had been a hard day, and as usual she felt as if nothing had been accomplished. The only thing on her mind was how much she wanted Steve.

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