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Too young? Teenage model spurs age debate in fashion

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All photos by Meredith Wright. After seven years in the business, I was ready to quit. My Facebook page boasted photos of exotic destinations and new friends.

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Iced lattes cool us down from the oppressive Shanghai heat, and the cheerful, air-conditioned interior serves as welcome relief undeer an afternoon of monotonous castings. I would like to tell you that this day was unusual. When I asked her how she felt being away from home, she said "It gets lonely sometimes. But Holly's apartment was unsupervised, her weekends were unsupervised, and her photoshoots were unsupervised.

Under Teen 18 model

She never got a chance. Models in the U. She started to cry on the set, and when the photographer complained to our agents, the agency hastily discounted the model's fee. He found her shivering and feverish and rushed her to a hospital where she "had convulsions and almost went into a coma," Jacqueline says. She beamed when she described working 18 hours over the weekend and getting to kiss a year-old male model on the shoot. Federal lawmakers are currently considering passage of the Child Performers Protection Act ofwhich would classify models under the age of 18 as "child performers.

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