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I stone now the exclusively of pressurize anyone into away you a aa up to, I approximately don. The dams -- auxiliary hydriodic cleaner team.

Points at home Norman and homeowners who want. Seen a team like this before or their other teams. That in how soon and have worldwide. Have sent these kind of records. Calling the only thing -- compared to -- -- at times would be EP. Version of beat Saint Louis or hips. That was the British rule one -- -- Kurt Warner. Well Marshall Falconer quality and owns now and in a girl all saying. You know you you -- Torry Nick marino porn Isaac Bruce -- was unbelievable. Watched him how baked goods. Just basically why -- the school board any and every German today.

And -- sort this year and I think most impressive record jointly individually. Rule of eclipsing Dan Marino's. Single season passing record and skill that doubled to -- and that's stayed up their twenties or years. In that game has changed radically that aren't in the and Marino. But -- -- greatest show on terror -- the most amount of total offensive yards and that's -- that is. To me the most impressive number. And being able to catch that he -- football all that was built around all of -- football players across the board. And it's amazing to watch this year. Should players that are caught with thirty -- a little more. But you know what -- cheating really call.

After the loss to Saint Louis tramps. And a lot of -- something bad happen and you'd seen it Egyptian government and other plates and sometimes competent bad got to happen or you're. Or you don't -- look at the whole -- They've made it a minute let a tree it can barrel for just a minute commitment to running game. And you see this team totally different over the last eight weeks.

We've Nick marino porn rushing game in tracking you're averaging mobile five yards -- carry it was a great compliment. To Drew Brees and passing skills and I think since then this team and not look back they've played better on deep trench. And -- school changed. So all hard -- beacon of per ounce. And force them to play catch up in I don't know okay. In the first capital or eight games they've outscored opponents orders Playing catch up there -- -- potential. But really thank -- all. Well as the straight old came out of that law this team's commitment to running game.

The balance out how good previous one about all of you throwing Nick marino porn football and their defense started to come together and it. Those two element -- really really short. That rocket Richard seeing the country weeks. And across aborted seem to -- Reno and because if I understood what they were saying name. But I can -- say you offenses were not too geared to the past. Quarterbacks weren't -- weren't hit much more data and have all the protective rules they have today and they and then that systems in place where.

Yeah I think that that's correct. Marino's record was unbelievable because at that time you can actually tortured -- our country built below. You can actually generous here over the middle -- know what it dropped a pass -- a middle today urged its art football. Jimmie you've got to win a good receiver. It's still an impressive mark based all of which eventually. Is that are created and there -- much better pat structures. The -- you've maybe got our post The most -- really do want. They don't go to -- -- bought or looked it up you could Chip -- got -- you don't got that our hardware and it was much much trial -- Torino break records but today is game now it can't charge to receive up to odd Bjorn you've got to contention not rejecting good.

And the -- -- it is. Every one dollar detention act or secure lot of college debt -- good receivers. And they're much more attractive. Of the -- employer. They they were back gently lead early eighty that that that's no question about it but we look back. That individual record is it's sort impression that you broke but it was a little orange 27 years. But all I'm saying this but you don't break debt hole all strange records are a combination of everything. Not only alternate -- -- and ball. Not big -- -- me when you're gonna look back and all -- from a training standpoint. Actual then we merely a product and not at all. All right I know a lot of people in the audience or lose and right now and sitting.

Become more -- did you go -- does say Napoleon was from around we're gonna to Alabama and oh shoot game coming up Brigham Sugar Bowl and all get to him why don't to ask him. On whatever news you wanna ask him can we call we got them right here Mike did trillion choose Josh hold on bullet should talk to Mike when we come back. Call probably would we call it the think tank and this is governor of the that's. Horrible to America it'll just it's -- you're. We've got my good Julia on the line and we're talking about to say we're gonna be. Grumbled Mike good to.

Yes thank you for having -- -- shoes. Again I'm an I'm all of -- adapt for the for my entire life -- on the if you say -- but Dominic -- and fact that regular. I think uncertain listeners it. The rams had the greatest show on -- You know I know we beat that record but yet they understand they did it with one running back into our receivers. To deal with four -- before running backs. That's one trick Marshall -- a whole state Merck did a lot of packing a lot of rushing with that often I think we are a lot more. Enough content -- often a little bit better back in And I would did you -- comments. But a good idea I think I don't think people realize what he's doing what do you think about that.

There's going with the ram. It I think you're right about they did it mainly behind receivers have one running back. But you know began a little different today back then you can actually find a guy like all Beckett charitable -- blow today.

Don't got a rare yen fell amid tension running back by committee receiving by committee -- -- Nivk changed a lot. And that to an eleven year -- what Drew Brees has done a remarkable -- distribution skills to get the Nick marino porn so Niick how. I think that I go back and admit changing situation. When Charles Brown gets hurt in the -- close game and street comes back into a net income to take over right tackle. Over encroached put our arms and -- starting center Bryant apparently -- at. This Nick marino porn has been totally different truck.

Open tomorrow much they've kept troops being there may -- -- Nickk openings running practical truth. It's sort of seemed -- but boy who dreams is flying. But I'm not seeing. Joseph Montana type -- I mean -- got lorn different game -- Joseph played. The only compared to knocking -- that -- that way about -- And how mxrino. It's so confident in what he does any good sort step Alter his teammates it's remarkable to watch what he does. I think a good look at it because I don't let it. It's not open it appear like that quote out Drupal or -- or -- -- -- But -- how would feel well before trying and that's what they could compare him to admit saint organization. Is -- -- -- skills.

Guess that -- it take to get people to step up their play any get every ball back between -- of it. One big shortly company had done this so rattled him. What complimentary of people. That we -- really well or dedicated people people they always don't want the football. They're willing to work and a system in -- felt today that it -- go. All right good let's talk about the other in BP would -- NFL world courts we're gonna debate the and Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Drew Brees but I -- to interest and things over and throw before we get that into the debate this one servants are ripped Matt Flynn outplayed Erin Rogers against the lions.

On the other article are rare and they should forget those three in the grill in BP has more -- Jones groom with -- Jacksonville Jaguars. Because you don't have any support has endured all of his own what are your thoughts and those two rather different comments. Well Adam Jones-Drew god bless -- be played on a bad team and he has done a great job. But this is an MB people that's gonna come down between Rogers agrees I think it is really getting close. Actually a week ago I I I still believe that Rodgers will win it. If you want to be I would vote breeze but I think it'll be a very close below. And you can make an argument on both sides that there's no question about that you can make a strong argument.

Marino porn Nick

You don't -- what Matt did against Detroit tells me want to thank. The lines -- lousy defensive football team. You know actually I don't. Outlets and is a good football player. And we all remember -- -- -- -- you and in connection to wind Apollo all India -- -- -- -- -- -- you're going to be -- restricted freeagent. But -- that -- not having to -- of the starting offensive lineman. That best wide receiver in Greg Jennings -- riddled. Any itself that Brett Favre watched ballpark and -- and they don't know we're focused extract gold in the game that tells me more alliance. That it does -- more butter on just a match went.

Aren't all I'm saying is I think they'll vote column will be close you can make a strong argument you go away. If it were me I would both true to what he's done the accomplishments he's he's got this football team -- I think he is serving at an MP people.

My winding is now so thought me and am high. We've got deathly game in good you're averaging mobile five messages -- sheen it was a valid compliment. Their kind dey cougar and accessories dey noise.

But I know a lot of riders. Who already had undermines a couple weeks back and more solid that there will -- -- -- Aaron Rodgers it's it's -- helping to overcome. But I think now from a team standpoint the saints Nick marino porn gotten everybody's attention. All of a sudden now the saints have become big it team in the NFL. You I don't know how many announcers I heard say talking about the playoffs. Nobody -- -- to -- the -- not -- -- you played -- saints. In particular Nick marino porn rates. Yeah because bigotry on a fast track. They have been terrific get a Nick marino porn. They built for the first time and just look at the margin of big trees.

But it Gilbert was a lot Bollywood it killed because of our big covered all eight games at home at a moment like that you. Know look clean shot. A tremendous tie with this because. Go -- -- wouldn't shoot. I hope so let's get hurt and everybody should it's got almost gains. State they really -- push huge stake in which was a start -- and they covered every game so you believe. I know about all of around so did it a little bit thanks to win but he wanted to put a couple of. Hebrew and look we're just seven a couple of minutes both for the news but only get enough. A week off with a rated player right now I keeping that would respect being born and.

They had a week off they were red hot they smoked everybody. And you look at that cardinal game they just torched them and then end up winning against Minnesota at home and that being the coach. But I've seen also appear like a challenge a few years back went into the play all want to games on the road and more impressively. One that aren't -- including eight on eight I. And a team was undefeated at that time doing what I want actually board game on the road to win the championship a -- -- do the exact same thing. Currently being here is a little different. But as well as you -- right now and you can open.

I'd looked out the week -- but to our red hot football team right now keep that gold medal. Can tech companies to all our. I think they can work on both -- but right now what I love to see a -- that we call. You know what it's not record -- got to play who -- you got to play with now and if our word Detroit San Francisco Green Bay. The one team I don't want -- the series is New Orleans nomadic it -- all moral way. And then that seem to be the consensus submitted -- -- announcers that allusion to over the holidays are we're coming right back with the might deteriorate. Continue our conversation about distinctions some good or they use should be the MVP. And also let's don't tell issue Alabama.

Sure pew listening in Alabama renewed -- in the on states. If you wanna talk football with a preview a -- with a college football we've got the mayor Mike until here. All over the -- NFL's colts football analyst and you can talk -- are Arm leg before as sort of asking you about the alleged -- run Alabama game let's go back to be an approach in BP. Here's one reason that I read to them a lot of do the -- those that can -- not gonna vote for -- They said the problem is -- -- talent that surrounds. Tryna serve me beef with their butler.

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