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Slut Readheaded

I will be sout for this everytime I go out! It is not like a shot where you slam it and make that aweful face. And serve very cold. Delicious posted by Anna Hands Down posted by chase But watch out, they will sneak up on you quick! After a couple of these you'll be plastered.

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Double shot of Jager, one shot of peach schnapps Rexdheaded one shot of Southern Comfort and lots of cranberry juice over ice. Easy Recipe posted by Jestie Over ice, I up the amount of each shot usually 2 oz. But the ingredients listed are true for a slut. Jager, peachand cranberry. Found out he was offering to make me what has now become my favorite drink. I'm a sucker for redheads Liquid Panty Remover posted by JK This is the tastiest thing you'll ever drink.

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