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Spanish has plenty of cute nicknames for girls and boys, too. You could address older kids, or even your friends, as chica and chico. Examples of how you can use them: But some of them are a little less cute when translated to English. There are so many different ways to address your loved ones in French! Try expressing your love with phrases like: Italy is known for being warm and affectionate, and their nicknames help infuse that affection into the language. This can be shortened to simply Amore or even Amo. Pet names, called nomignoli, are used freely and often for everyone, especially for children.

There are tons of cute Italian nicknames for boys and girls. Some people will only call their closest friends these terms, while others refer to everyone with pet names like these. Try them out in sentences like: Granted, some German expressions may seem a bit odd to call someone. Even more interesting, the Germans have created their own hybrid animal nickname, which I personally love: Another good nickname for your boyfriend or girlfriend: And you can always make a nickname even better by adding the diminutive, -chen or -lien.

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