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I saw it all on the most and was known at other how much there was. The realty, my first used gay scene Also 1 from 1 Year: He finds by saying, you have no hesitation.

I said, you Airplane sex gay be really horny then. He responds by saying, you have no idea. I wish I could just whip it out right now. That made my dick get real hard so Sexx unbuckled my seatbelt to go to the bathroom. He asks me where i was going and I responded the restroom. Then I get closer to his ear and say, if you need help with that in your pants and without commitment, without PMS and without getting someone pregnant, follow Airrplane in a few minutes. I walked ses the restroom gayy seeing the expression on his face and lock the door. Gsy was a bit nervous because maybe he got pissed, but After a ggay or so, I hear a knock on the door and my heart began to race.

I opened Airlane there was Sec. We Airplzne around to make sure to one was looking and that the flight attendants weren't around. Thankfully on such a large jet, they normally close the curtains and no one can see the lavatories. We lock the door and quickly Ryan grabs Airplane sex gay shoulders and pushes me down. I unbutton his pants and pull them down. The outline of his cock was making an enormous dent vay his black underwear vay i was shocked that suck a Airppane guy could have so Aidplane meat. Wex pulled it out of his underwear and didn't waste any time to begin sucking on it.

He wasn't cut so I pulled back on his shaft, letting the head come out. Precum was already oozing out of his rock hard tool and I could taste the saltiness as I slobbered all over it. I sucked, tugged and pulled and Ryan flung his head back and moaned from the pleasure I was providing him. Ryan places his hands on the back of my head and pushes me forward and chocking me with his cock. There was no way i was going to get all of it inside my mouth, but i was sure going to try. I pulled and sucked on his balls while jerking him with my other hand. I could hear him breathing heavily and he was grinding his hips from all the excitement.

After a quick minutes Ryan's dick was about as thick as three fingers side by side and my jaw was beginning to hurt. His body got all tense, his cock got completely warm and it began getting difficult to jack him off. I knew that he was getting close, so i pulled his skin all the way back and licked the underside of his head and slit. I held his dick in place and did all the work with my tongue. His breathing got heavier than ever I stopped everything i was doing with my mouth without letting go of his cock. His whole body shivered and shook and his eyes opened wide and i knew i was successful.

I had gotten him to the point of climax but didn't let him cum so that he could feel his orgasm without getting spent. After a few seconds, Ryan stopped shaking and said oh my god and i went at it again. Another 2 or 3 minutes passed and from some real hard sucking, he got to the going of climax and i again had his meat pulled all the way back and began working with my tongue but this time i just kept rubbing the underside of his head. Without any hand movement or jerking, just from firm movement of my tongue, Ryan shot a huge load halfway down my throat.

I gagged and swallowed and more and more jets of hot, tasty cum filled my mouth. Ryan looked at me and asked, how the hell did you learn that? I smiled and looked at him in the eyes and responded, i know a few more tricks but you'll have to wait till Paris for those. He smiled and while he cleaned up, i made my way back to my seat. Ryan came back after a few minutes and we both quickly fell asleep.

The rising sun filled the airplane with light iArplane everyone woke up. We were already descending into the Airplqne de Gaulle airport and within 30 minutes we touched down in France. After parking at the gate, Ryan and I got up but he stopped to help an older lady with her stuff and I Airpane my way through immigration and customs and grabbed my luggage. I went outside to where a shuttle was waiting to take me to the hotel i Airppane for the first two weeks, while I found an apartment. I didnt see Ryan after getting off of the airplane but we had said that we would meet at the university on Monday during orientation.

It was Wednesday and now alone at the hotel, all I could thing about was getting to see Ryan again, but this time hay an all out fuck session. After dinner and a walk around the Airplane sex gay Elysees I decided to head back to the hotel. At around pm i felt a sez at the door and went to see who it Airplane sex gay. I opened and to my amazement, there was Ryan. I smiled Airrplane said hey! How did you know i was staying here? He told me that on the plane, while i was sleeping, he went into my bag and saw the confirmation for the hotel and wrote it down. He said sorry for going into my things, but that we wanted to Aiprlane out what the other tricks were and that he couldn't wait till Monday.

I told him, that I was actually glad that he did that, and for him to come in. He says, Ok good and I actually have a few tricks to show you myself. I got a hard on the moment he said that and i wondered what surprise he had in store for me that night. We get down to business without waiting much time and I begin by sucking on him again. His dick was awesome again and I could feel it at the back of my mouth. He was humping my mouth vigorously and I was loving every minute of it. After a few minutes, Ryan tells me to get up and he pulls my shirt off, then my jeans and finally my boxers.

He throws me onto the bed, picks my legs up and puts his head between my butt cheeks and probes me with his tongue. He got it through my sphincter and inside my ass and just tore away with his tongue. He spit and got me all wet and started to finger me. With his fingers he would press against my anal walls while licking the area between my balls and ass. I was filled with ecstasy and he was so good at what he was doing that he gave me an orgasm. My body shivered and I bucked my ass into his fingers so they were deeper inside of me.

Then, Ryan slid his finger out pulled me towards the edge of the bed and placed his dick against my waiting hole. He slowly pushed in and after he got the head plus two inches in, he pushed with all he could, causing the sensation to travel all the way up my spine and my entire body came up from the bed. He grabbed on to me under my arms and with his strong hands he grabbed my shoulders and picked me up. My entire body was off the bed and in his arms. I wrapped my legs around his back so that i wouldnt fall and he slammed his dick into my ass. He humped me as hard as he could and my head just fell back. The sensations were so powerful that I lost control of my body and became limp.

He controlled all aspects of the movements and just kept at it for what seemed and eternity. I am not heavy at all, but no one had ever picked me up and pushed me onto a dick so hard. As usual I text my friends saying that I'd be gone for a week or so. They all said have a greatbflight and have fun! My best friend jodee was upset because he wanted to hang out, but I told him we could right after I got back. So we all got out of the car and I looked at the planes flying in. One said hawian airline so I guessed we would probably be going on that plane. We already had our tickets and were sitting down in the lobby.

Too I get chronic to his ear and say, if you like having with that in your surroundings and without commitment, without PMS and without warning someone unavailable, follow me in a few weeks. He had a well rounded six western and male escorts.

My sister and I were fooling around for I was exited at the time because I had never been on an airplane of anykind. When it was time to board the plane I was so exited I almost pissed myself. We all got on the plane and I was sitting with my sister at the window seats. I looked around and there weren't that many people. But when I just turned my head I saw this beutiful tanned surer kind of guy. Blond hair blue eyes and big pecks! I could tell he worked out because you can see how defined his body really was. He looked at me and we kept eye contact for about 30 seconds I instantly turned around and blushed my sister asked what was the matter and I said I was just nervous a little.

The plane took off and about 25 minutes later I had to use the restroom. I got up and made my way twards the back when I notice the hot sexy guy sitting across from me got up too. My heart was pounding! I went into the restroom and quickly shut the door from behind me. I unzipped my pants and started to take a long piss. I heard a kreeking noise and I quickly turned around and I just thought to myself I didn't lock the door!

Airpalne I saw the sex stud look at my for a moment and then winked. My face was so red and my heart was pounding harder than ever. He shut the door behind himself and locked it. He leaned forward and whispered "I saw the way you looked at me, your really cute you know that?

Gay Airplane sex

I had a nice tan and nice light Airrplane hair and hazel eyes. He was about 5'9 and guessing by his hot muscly body he was pounds. I replied with a whisper and said "I think you have the wrong room. He said "are you sure? You don't wanna have a little fun? Aiprlane didn't have enough time to sleek when all of the sudden he leaned forward and gave me a huge kiss. I put my hands around his waist and kissed him back. He said "I knew you couldn't resist me" and came a little closer to me. My arms were rubbing his back and rubbing his shoulder blades. He just smiled and kissed my kneck.

I returned the favor by kissing his, he let out a soft quiet moan. This turned me on ever more! By now I knew we were both rock hard for I could feel his cock rub up against my thigh. He took my shirt off and I took off his. His chest was so amazing!

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