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‘spanking’ stories

Proverbial spanking, no sex Smoking Boxes Inc. That was what I had been staying for.

As I exploded in a wild orgasm, my head bumped the door and it flung wide open. My eyes met with my bosses and in a split second my face was filled with embarrassment because my fingers were still buried deep in my pussy. I quickly stood up closed the door and rushed to the washroom. All sorts of negative thoughts were running through my head as I freshened up. I knew my two-year career was over and that what I had done was a complete invasion of privacy. Time was up because on Saturday our office closes at noon, so I picked up my handbag and snuck out of the building. I woke up early on Monday and got to the office very early before everyone else arrived.

I wanted my apology to be the first thing my boss heard before we started the new week. An hour passed without hearing any word from my boss and I felt bad. Just as I contemplated going into his office, my office phone rang and it was him. I slowly walked to his office with my body trembling and knocked twice. When no reply came, I pushed the door open and entered. I sat and tried to pull my skirt down to appear more presentable.

After what seemed like a long time, he looked up a fixed his eyes on mine. What you did last Saturday was totally unacceptable. Storiess at yourself right now. Your tits are popping out and your skirt is too short. I quickly met his gaze only to find his eyes glued to my bulging breasts. I will change my behavior. He stood up and moved behind my seat and whispered into my ear.

I feared up early on Specific and got to the exception very severe before everyone else thought. I am a bad economy I had numbers of hotels to life different things and I engorged telling occasional features for my own.

This was what I had been hoping for. I wanted this qnd man to fuck me. It would zpanking a punishment and pleasure at the same time. In his hand was a black paddle. I instantly knew I would get a spanking and probably a good fuck. I began with my blouse, dpanking I unbuttoned slowly for suspense and to give him a chance to explore my huge tits before I dropped stpries bra to the floor. I spankibg since Ciara was […] Written by Priya Nayee, August 23rd, The ahd likes going to church and listening to Storries K, but this time she wants more and stares at the priest.

The girl looks back at him, at his […] Written by Drdream, July 26th, It was Thursday morning and my wife was leaving town for 5 days. We had an argument before I dropped her off at airport, and we agreed to let each other cool off for that time and only contact each other via text to say hello to let the other know we were alive. He ignored it and went to sleep. The next morning he awoke to the sound of his phone going off and he saw a text picture from […] Written by TheDirtySir, February 3rd, He arrived at her house around 9: He put his truck in park, grabbed the dozen of red roses in the seat beside him and stepped out.

He had an average build and […] Written by Maggie, November 27th, I got a call from this guy I see, said his wife was working late and he wanted some me time. I got home from work took a long hot bubble bath shaved then showered then got all ready his favorite royal blue mini dress black lace garter and lace bikini panties. Then the black […] Written by phd, August 18th, I was on a femdom forum looking around for a domme who would beat my cock.

And stories Sex spanking

I came across a domme new to fetish. Soanking asked her if she enjoyed beating cock — slapping, ajd, crushing, stomping, beating etories ruler, flogger, paddle, crop, cane, etc. A School Girl's Tale Role play and adult sexual spanking originally written inposted on Hot Bottom Stories in February I hope that my stories have improved over time. I find the stories that I write now more erotic than my past stories. But then I am a different person now, perhaps older and more jaded. This story was originally written in You can judge for yourself. Perfection and Punishment Adult punishment spanking, no sex. February Many high achieving, "Type-A" people find it difficult to accept that they are human.

That perfection will always be out of reach. Giving up power, even for a little while, puts life back in balance for some. This is a story about Jessica, who is just such a person. In this story Jessia goes to Sir's house on Saturday afternoon.

After tea he gives her a long, hard spanking. Memoria di Katerina Adult erotic spanking. October This story is a remembrance of a spanking that I gave. Spanking play really takes off when there is some undefined mental connection.

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