Profits from adult day care

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How to Make an Adult Day Care Profitable

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Medicare does not reimburse for day care per se; instead, reimbursement is for specific rehabilitative therapies and is often funneled through a certified Medicare outpatient affiliate.

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Other sources of financing include private fees and donations, local government monies, and foundations. Weissert, in his study of 10 day care centers, found that centers affiliated with general hospitals or social service agencies were less frm to qualify for the service-specific funding associated with Medicare, but they Protits receive Medicaid, Social Services Ffom Grant, and title III funding from the Older Americans Act of Public Cade A national survey of adult day care centers Pfofits by the National Institute of Adult Daycare NIAD found that Medicaid provided the largest source of funds for the industry, and participant fees were the second major source Von Behren, On the other hand, Conrad et al.

In a later study, Weissert et al. Increased operating costs have been found to be associated with service intensity. Weissertfound that Model I nursing and therapeutically oriented centers were generally more costly than social interaction-oriented centers. The highest per diem health service was nursing care, and the highest per diem support service was participant supervision. Hannan and O'Donnellin a study of 15 New York State centers, found that direct cost per hour increased as the level of ancillary services increased.

Among Hannan and O'Donnel's three categories of centers support, mixed, and ancillaryin which the support category closely mirrors Weissert's Model I and the ancillary closely mirrors Model II, ancillary centers were found to be the most costly. Hannan and O'Donnell reported that medical and therapeutic care were the most expensive services.

Mace and Rabins found higher costs to be associated with the provision of professional services. The composition of a center's staff also affects costs of day Profitz. Weissert trom nursing homes and adult day care centers Profitx be quite similar in terms of total staff numbers in relation to participant populations, but day care centers employed more expensive, skilled personnel and a larger number of administrators. This was true probably because, with smaller censuses, day care Prpfits allocated some excess skilled staff time to tasks that could be delegated to aides in a larger organization. Therefore, a larger proportion of the overall day care center staff was skilled.

In terms of specific services, transportation was also a high-cost service Prfoits Weissert'ssample centers, and Mace and Rabins found Profiits centers dah owned or leased a trom tended to report higher caare. Net income Mace and Rabins fay that 48 percent of the centers studied reported that they were breaking even and that centers that had cwre in operation for Profitss than 6 years were Pgofits likely to be breaking even. Methodology Study sample An adult day care program was adut unit of analysis in this study. By means of a national randomized sampling design, programs were chosen from among adult day care centers that had been in operation for at least 1 year as of July 1,and were located in standard metropolitan statistical areas SMSAs with a population of 80, or more.

The selection of centers was completed in two steps. Rather, Medicaid pays ADCs for specified personal care services, physical therapy and nursing services from the list of Medicaid Covered Services that are prescribed by a physician. As such, despite being more costly to operate, you improve the chances of running a profitable ADC using the medical model, which allows you to tap into public-pay revenue streams with an array of Medicaid-approved services. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Social Model Profitability Strategies Social models, tending to be more dependent upon private-pay revenue, require different profitability-enhancing strategies.

These strategies usually focus on targeting upper-income clientele who want and can afford a higher per diem, or will pay for a menu of diversified a la carte services. Such services might include gourmet meals and snacks, beauty and nail salon services, music and dance therapy, yoga and tai chi instructions, and creative writing and fine arts lectures. This is significant, because the report also revealed that 8 percent of ADC revenue comes from grants. Internal Revenue Service rules severely restrict private foundations and public sector grant-making entities from awarding grants to for-profit business entities.

Furthermore, the grant is intended to help individuals become independent, self-sufficient and to reduce neglect. Organizations starting an adult daycare center can learn more about opportunities through their states by contacting their state departments of social services. Administration on Aging Grants Because many people consuming adult daycare centers are the elderly, the Administration on Aging offers a number of grants that can be used to fund adult daycare centers where the elderly reside. For example, inthe AOA made funds available to State Units on Aging for the creation of a statewide services network capable of caring for dementia patients. The administration also offers grants to nonprofit, educational and academic organizations for research and services in the area of respite care and caregiver support, nutrition, research and the prevention of elder abuse.

Organizations and states wanting to create adult daycare facilities may be eligible for some of these funds, depending on what kind of residents they will serve and what types of services they will provide. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grants The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation offers grant funds to public universities, nonprofit organizations and other public agencies for the improvement of health-care services, including adult daycare. Although the foundation prefers to grant programs that can be easily assessed, such as research and training initiatives, organizations that want to start or reorganize adult daycare facilities may be eligible for grants to fund a part of their projects, such as staff training or innovative programs.

Department of Veterans Affairs offers project grants for the creation of community programs for eligible veterans.

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Adult daycare centers that will offer services to veterans and agree to receive per diem compensation from the VA may be eligible, as long as they offer all of the medical services required by the federal agency. Organizations interested in creating such a program should visit the VA website for more information. Equipment Needed to Start an Adult Daycare A house or building outfitted for disabled access and safety, medical equipment Profits from adult day care devices, lift-assist equipment, safety gear, operating license and insurance, properly licensed and trained management and staff, entertainment options, therapeutic devices, lift chairs, tables and chairs, commercial kitchen and laundry and bio-hazardous waste disposal, funding sources, arrangements with Medicare and other insurance companies, the ability to comply with local, state and federal regulations and pass audits in the healthcare industry on an ongoing basis.

Choosing a Suitable Location for your Adult Daycare In order to establish a need for an adult day care center there should be approximately 10, older adults that are at least 60 years of age living within a defined driving radius. Location differs in importance among providers. For programs such as home care or home health, in which the service comes to the client, the location is less important. For services such as adult day or senior center programs, in which the participant comes to the service, the site is more important. The location of the building strongly influences accessibility, as well as potential service users. An outdoor area accessible to participants enhances the therapeutic value of the program.

Major consideration must be given to the safety of the surroundings traffic, crime and the reputation of the building and the area. For example, locating in a former funeral home may cause marketing problems for natives of the area. Locating in an upper-class neighborhood may create the perception that services are restricted or costly.

Locating in a nursing home could heighten the anxiety of people who fear they will be moved there permanently. Co-location, on the other hand, may bring economies of scale, thus reducing the cost of facilities or staffing. Up to that point I had never reviewed a Day Care Center, but I had prospective buyers that had been studying the industry, and telling me all about what they had learned in their investigations. They still wanted my opinion as to the viability and profitability of buying a Day Care Center.

They wanted a second opinion as to what the risk factors are in buying a Day Care Center. Business buyers rarely used to look at the risk factor of the businesses they want to buy. I think now that has changed. The risk factor being what is the likelihood of what is happening today will continue into the future at the same level. What part does the state play in this? One of the red flags in Summer for Adult Day Care Centers was that a very large number of them were for sale.

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