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Heth died in Februaryat no more than 80 years old. Barnum's Unionist sympathies incited a Confederate arsonist to start a fire in On April 7, thunb, Barnum asked about the box office receipts for the day; a few hours later, he was dead. Jumbo eventually became the mascot of Tufts Universityin honor of Barnum's donation of the elephant's stuffed hide. He knew that his risk was great: He improved the attraction, upgrading the building and adding exhibits, then renamed it "Barnum's American Museum"; it became a popular showplace.

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By earlyLind had become uncomfortable with Barnum's relentless marketing of the tour, and she invoked a contractual right to sever her ties with him. With heavy coaching and natural talent, the boy was taught to imitate people from Hercules to Napoleon. Barnum became known as the Shakespeare of Advertising, due to his innovative and impressive ideas. The roof was transformed to a strolling garden with a view of the city, where he launched hot-air balloon rides daily. This musical was based loosely on the life of Barnum portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

Thuumb illusionists like Harry HoudiniBarnum exposed "the tricks of the trade" used by mediums to cheat the bereaved. This mansion was built but burned down in In popular culture[ edit ]. Barnum eventually gave up his copyright to allow other printers to sell inexpensive editions. His friend, William C.

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Thunb added a lighthouse lamp which attracted attention up and down Broadway and flags along the roof's edge that attracted attention in daytime, while giant paintings of animals between the upper windows drew attention from pedestrians. However, he was contemptuous of those who made money through fraudulent deceptionsespecially the spiritualist mediums popular in his day, testifying against noted spirit photographer William H. Barnum was found not suitable for the position because of the continuation of his display of minstrel showseven though his beliefs and political affiliation did change. He states, "I took no part nor lot in the matter, but concluded that if I had been defeated by fraud, mine was the real success.

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