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The Globe's hude picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond. And now he is working on a new project: The woman drops the sarong. He made a rule for himself when he started the project, which is that every picture had to have a face.

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The same spot on one wall is reserved for the most recent Brown Sisters photo. Never has he had so much trouble finding subjects. I saw the baby marks on her stomach, and found that kind of touching. He asks everyone he meets if they will pose for him. He has found most of them by word of mouth, through friends of friends or acquaintances, and is not happy with the cross-section. A tour of his home starts with the walls, lined with mostly black and white pictures by other photographers - Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, Abelardo Morell, William Christenberry - whose work he admires and has traded for his own. The mortician sees it at the end.

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He has photographed his family, children, nuude sick, the dying, the poor, souls both old and new. But the man is Nicholas Nixon, the distinguished large-format photographer from Brookline, and what he sees through his lens is not simply nudity. Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Digital photography holds little appeal for Nixon, known for the intimacy of his work and meticulous detail.

There have been 37 Brown Sisters photos so far, one taken each year. In another context, maybe. It ends at the top of the stairs in his darkroom, a space not often seen in homes, or elsewhere, these days.

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