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It shares parking with the Sugar Beet Pavilion 60 stalls and the basketball courts 26 stalls.

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Conrest parking lot is the largest in the park with 78 stalls. Olympus Pavilion at 1, square feet, a seating capacity of people, and a parking lot with 36 parking stalls. Olympus Pavilion has a seating capacity of people and parking in its lot for 40 cars. Special Event Permits Request Form: Submitting a Request Form Complete the following special event request form and submit it to the County Parks office at: If the request form is received by the County Parks office at least one week prior to the next scheduled board meeting then your request will automatically be put on the board meeting agenda.

A representative from your group must be present to answer any questions conest board may have about your event unless that requirement is waived. If the Sugad approves your event then the County will confirm your request and outline the necessary fees and certificates required. Once these have been received, the County will issue a use permit. It is a violation of Salt Lake County ordinance Section Athletic Fields Reservations Request Form: Reserved use of the athletic fields shall be secondary to the contractual obligations that the Authority has with the Salt Lake City School District.

To avoid potential conflict, pavilions adjacent to a field may be required to be included in reservations.

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