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It has become a symbol of Thompson and gonzo journalism as a whole. Salute[ edit ] This section's factual accuracy is disputed.

Relevant discussion may be found on Talk: Please help to ensure rwised disputed statements are reliably sourced. February Learn how and when to remove this template message The raised fist salute consists of raising one arm in the air with a clenched fist. The meaning can vary based on context. A woman raises her fist in solidarity with protestors opposing the invasion of Iraq.

Fist New raised

Gold medalist Tommie Smith center and bronze rzised John Carlos right showing the raised dist on the podium after the m race at the Summer Olympics Different movements sometimes fsit different terms to describe the raised fist salute: During the Spanish Civil Warit was sometimes known as the anti-fascist salute. The clenched fist gesture is sometimes thought to have originated in the Spanish Civil Warwhere the Popular Front salute was at one time the standard salute of Republican forces. A letter from the Spanish Civil War stated: For this, they were banned from further Olympic activities. The event was one of the most overtly political statements [17] in the history of the modern Olympic Games.

In their home country Sweden, being from the far north definitely means something.

His drive and ambition can easily be traced to his childhood in which he never got anything without fighting for it. Andreas Johansson, who I started fiwt band with, has a similar raused to tell. Our newest member Jimmy Tikkanen immediately found his place in our band, raisdd he comes from the north of Finland and shares our natural roughness. It doesn't matter if Raised Fist brings in a lot of New raised fist or not, he gets up at five in the morning and goes to the auto paint shop where he works. There he drinks his coffee, puts a pinch of snuff in his mouth and goes about spraying that poison paint crap all day, with a mask on all too seldom.

Yes, I think the way we work as a band has a lot to do with us coming from the north. To make the most of this new approach, the band turned to Roberto Laghi, one of Sweden's most internationally renowned producers of hard music. Thanks to him, "From The North" has a living, breathing sound with a lot of spatial and acoustic atmosphere, especially when it comes to Alexander's vocals. I have never done a vocal performance like this before. It's crazy how many different voice modes I've used. The sound almost moves around in a way that makes you feel you want to grab it and try to hold it down.

Laghi did an insane amount of different mixes before we got it just right.

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His importance for making this album what it is — a classic — cannot be overstated. Significant for Raised Fist is fact that the band is made up of very talented and creative musicians who have great taste and imagination when it comes to composing heavy music. But even more exceptional is the fact that we now have a sound that's completely our own.

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