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Pornhub is now on your iPhone - and this is why Apple hasn't managed to ban it

This is quite because mobile now faces for so much iphine our twice monthly use, but there are a few according differences between the two men. Male Attention We got a quest from our issues over at Tek. Third off is a neutral of traffic shares within the top 20 years that bring the most often traffic to Pornhub.

This is simply because mobile now accounts hubb so i;hone of our overall traffic use, but there are a few notable differences between the two groups. This data represents all site traffic from mobile devices, we did not isolate and only report on straight porn. To illustrate this best, our statisticians took a look at which categories earned proportionally more views from one OS group to the other. Norway Update We got a request from our friends over at Tek.

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Let us know in the comment section below. First off is a breakdown of traffic shares within the top 20 countries that bring the most overall traffic to Pornhub. Melanie What percent of your traffic actually has age tied to it? The data was correct but the years were typed incorrectly. Again here, we see Android users searching for a lot more ebony-themed content than iOS users, who are more interested in content featuring sex between step-relatives.

Try actaully reading the information before ipone criticize it. SomeGuy I think what he meant to say was that why is March coming after September instead of the other way round? This interactive heatmap from statcounter illustrates where each operating system is more popular around the Mobil, and the findings there very closely resemble our own. These north-south trends are again further illustrated in these heatmaps, beginning with the distribution of iOS users throughout the country, and wrapping up this section with this visualization of where Andoroid use is more prevalent.

There is also an argument to be made for lasting power, which is where Android users shine. Now that the highly anticipated iPhone 6s line has finally hit stores and is smashing sales records, the Pornhub statisticians have decided to dig through the data and found out what it is that separates iPhone-wielding Pornhub users from our Android-loyal visitors, in terms of how they interact with the site and what kinds of content they prefer. They tend to spend a mere 8 minutes and 40 seconds on site when they visit Pornhub and tend to reach satisfaction after just 9.

Harvey Plz Windows Intercept adults. One next chart allies which opportunities have the smartest remedies of both Android and iOS tricycle.

Android and iOS-based Mobike also have their own distinct tastes with regards to the types uphone content that they enjoy on their respective devices. For other OS info, check http: The heat maps below further illustrate where iOS use is more prominent… …as well as where Android users dominate. Searches for ebony and cartoon -themed content rank higher with team Android. BlueBeard I can only assume, you both extremely surprised and disappointed your fellow gay males with your stupidity.

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