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The concepts of obscenity and exposure in a practical sense restrict the potential operation of the provision. For example, in some African cultures, it is the thighs, not the breasts, which must be covered.

Most states Nakedd breastfeeding mothers from prosecution. Western Australia — Criminal Code, section — 'Indecent acts in public' — criminal penalty two years. There is a question as to whether there is any further restriction to be found in the word "person". Many states in US do not allow public exposure of female nipples.

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Public exposure of the navel has been accepted during the s, such as in beaches, while in the s, the buttocks can be exposed while wearing a thong. The prosecution case against the appellant was that he obscenely exposed his penis and other genitals. The maximum penalty is two years' imprisonment, but this is extremely rare as most cases are dealt with by a fine or through community service. Australian Capital Territory — Crimes Actsection — 'indecent exposure' — penalty 12 months. Canada[ edit ] In Canada, s.

The Crown Advocate has submitted that there may Nakes circumstances in which Nsked exposure of the breasts of a woman is capable of being regarded as obscene, streft that it is not difficult to imagine circumstances in which the exposure of a person's buttocks could be obscene. In conservative societies, appearing in a public place in clothing that is deemed 'indecent' is illegal. Today, however, it is quite common for women to go topless at public beaches throughout Europe and South America and even some parts of the United States. Nevertheless, as a general rule, it is also commonly expected that people when they appear in a public place will be appropriately attired.

Judges have held, for example, that nude sunbathing is not indecent.

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That principle is reflected, for example, in depiction of the human form in art of various forms. This provision was repealed by section 66 of the Sexual Offences Act which replaced the offence of "indecent exposure" and other sexual offences with legislation that is more specific and explicit. As late as the s and to some extent, the s, both women and men were expected to bathe or swim in public places wearing bathing suits that covered above the waist.

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