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While Beetle Bailey's unit is Company A, one running gag is that the characters are variously seen in different branches of the Army, such as artilleryarmorinfantry and paratroops. Beetle is always seen with a hat or helmet covering his forehead and eyes. Even on leave, his "civvies" include a pork pie hat worn in the same style. He can only be seen without it once—in the original strip when he cartion still a college student. The strip was pulled and never ran in any newspaper. Cartokn has only been printed in various Beetpe on Beettle strip's history. One running gag has Sergeant Snorkel hanging helplessly from a small tree branch after having fallen off a cliff first time August 16, While he is never shown falling off, or even walking close to the edge of a cliff, he always seems to hold on to that same branch, yelling for help.

Beetle Bailey November 21, In this running gag, Sergeant Snorkel hangs from a small tree growing out of a cliff, while Private Bailey is seen trying to help him—and himself Publication history[ edit ] During the first two years of Beetle Bailey's runWalker did all work on the strip himself, including writing, penciling, inking and lettering; however, in he hired cartoonist Fred Rhoads as his first assistant. As ofthe strip was being syndicated by King Features in 1, papers in the United States and the rest of the world. While many of the older characters are rarely seen, almost none have been completely retired. Main characters[ edit ] Private Carl James "Beetle" Bailey—the main character and strip's namesake, a feckless, shirking, perpetual goof-off and straggler known for his chronic laziness and generally insubordinate attitude.

Slack, hapless, lanky and freckled, Beetle's eyes are always concealed, whether by headgear or, in the rare instance of not wearing any e. Sergeant 1st Class Orville P. Snorkel—Beetle's platoon sergeant and nemesis, introduced in Sarge is known to frequently beat up Beetle for any excuse he can think of, leaving Beetle a shapeless pulp. Once, in the February 2, strip, he even shoved Beetle through a knothole in the floorboard. Sarge is too lovable to be a villain, however. Obese, snaggle-toothed and volatile, Sarge can be alternately short-tempered and sentimental.

They share an uneasy alliance that sometimes borders on genuine albeit unequal friendship. Sarge is also a helpless foodie, loves food like crazy and does not miss even a single chance where he can lay his hands on food. He is seen gobbling up cookies and cakes that Beetle's mother lovingly sends him. The Army sent him to Washington University in St. Louis where he got an engineering degree. When he returned home, he attended journalism school at the University of Missouri and was editor of the campus humor magazine, the Showme. Mort was working as a magazine cartoonist in New York when John Bailey, the cartoon editor of the Saturday Evening Post, encouraged Mort to do some cartoons based on his college experiences at the University of Missouri.

Cartoon strip Beetle

After selling a few college cartoons to the Saturday Evening Post, Mort then decided to submit a comic strip to King Features Syndicate starring Spider and his fraternity brothers. In addition to Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois, Mort Walker has been involved in the creation of seven other comic strips. The Evermores - portrayed a family in different historical settings and was done with Johnny Sajem. Mort and his staff have developed a patented method Beetle cartoon strip delivering daily laughs. In the endless search for fresh material, the writers occasionally come up with ideas that are unsuitable for American newspapers.

Censorship and size reduction are just two of the creative challenges that cartoonists face on a daily basis. He has won numerous awards and citations from cartoonist groups and government organizations. Beetle is the smartest guy at Camp Swampy because he understands the absurdity of Army bureaucracy and defiantly resists authority. He often gets beaten to a pulp after disobeying Sarge, but he never gives up. And so, he would likely make up justifications that would render his non behavior acceptable. None of this exploration of character needs to be detailed in the Beetle cartoon strip of the strip, but it can serve as useful subtext in our revision of this installment of Beetle Bailey.

Further character work along these lines would reveal Gen. Halftrack to be a man who believes himself to be deserving of immense power, but who nonetheless deeply regrets marrying his wife. Sarge would become a man consumed by his inability to control his eating, becoming someone who exercises extremely controlling behavior in every other aspect of his life. When Sarge has to wear civilian clothes instead of his beloved uniform, expect colourful patterned jackets, trousers and neckties that clash horribly. General Halftrack is prone to wearing odd shirts, trousers that don't match and funny hats when he goes golfing. Otto has often been described as being exactly like Sarge, but that's only skin deep at best.

Otto has a much more busy social life than Sarge, he's much better with women of all speciesand is quite frankly a great deal more cynical than his master. The similarity does show when they're eating or barking. Inner Monologue Conversation General Halftrack is freaked out when he notices his wife can effectively read his thoughts. She also reacts to that thought. One time, Beetle keeps his mouth shut at Sarge, but gets beaten up anyway for obviously thinking something bad. He complains that he has a sergeant that's both psychopathic and telepathic.

Not an insult as such, but still a negative comment, which is enough for the trope. The Chaplain asks worriedly whether Sarge has gained more weight again. Sarge thanks him for noticing, saying that it took him a lot of effort to become so big and important. Not quite exact, but Sarge tells Corporal Yo to lie to General Halftrack about going to the Pentagon to find a dog when Sarge is actually going to go to a baseball game. Thanks to their conversation being heard by Halftrack on the phone while Beetle was searching for Sarge, several soldiers ruffed up Sarge and asks Halftrack who ended up stealing Sarge's seat where they should take Sarge, and Halftrack orders them to "take [Sarge] to the Dog Pound at the Pentagon.

Happens a lot in-universe, when a strip or other comic builds up a weird situation that someone then walks in on or sees only partially. It's a Running Gag that the General walks around and sees things that leave him completely puzzled. Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: Then again, the soldiers have taken to intentionally doing weird stuff just to confuse the General and invoke the running gag. Perhaps the biggest setup for a weird situation for someone to walk in on appears in the story where the General finally receives a letter from the Pentagon, informing him that he has to be ready for a major inspection in a week.

When the general from the Pentagon lands, in the middle of their combat practice with rockets and ammunition flying all over the place, he's met with Otto barking at his helicopter, Zero dressed as a tree going around saying hi to everyone, Sarge running around happily yelling charge while carrying a sleeping Beetle over his head, the Major up to his neck in a mud pit, LT. Flap returning to the scene in one of his trademark outrageous outfits, Cookie carrying a cake and singing happy birthday, and General Halftrack getting drunk in a torn and ragged uniform. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sarge has a soft side, and he's not always very good at hiding it, either.

In one strip, Beetle says to Sarge that Plato has been telling lies about him, which turns out to be that he was saying this trope applies. Also appears whenever he spends furlough at Beetle's house — Chigger, Beetle's little brother, hero-worships him, and he's very fond of the boy.

Just Toying with Them: Beetle is sometimes shown as such a better runner than Sarge that he can annoy him further by reading a newspaper while being chased by him — or these days, surf the internet. It is heavily implied that Beet,e reason why Halftrack is made the commander of the Bedtle was so the Caetoon and other bases wouldn't have to deal with him. Reassigned to Antarctica has also happened to others in cartion gags whose effects didn't survive the often Negative Continuity. What Zero lacks carrtoon brains, he makes up for in heart.

Cookie can't even get it right when he uses the kitchen sink expression about what's in his food, as Beetle finds Bewtle tap in stip stew right after that. A Lady on Each Arm: Killer's idea of a carrtoon date. He's also had two on each. Halftrack gives the Beetl a lampshade to return to the Major's apartment. Cartlon he asks why, she explains he was wearing it when he came back home last night. Late to the Punchline One strip starts with unexplained laughter in the middle of the night, which turns out to be Zero reacting to a joke told during the day. Turns out he didn't fully understand what was happening, and after they explain it to him, he's laughing for what looks like hours afterwards.

Cookie seems to be a stereotype of bad army chefs. Jokes about his meatballs, which can be used as handballs, are the most common. Thankfully for him Sarge will eat anything. Nobody at Camp Swampy ever gets promoted. But then, nobody at Camp Swampy deserves to be promoted, either, and one of the few times somebody did get promoted freakin' Beetle! Ironically more recent strips show Beetle trying to apply to officer school to rise in the ranks. Another time, everyone but one person got up from work and ran to the bulletin board as soon as the promotions were posted. Someone angrily wondered why that one person was the only one promoted. Sarge once got promoted with even more sergeant's stripes.

He was walking around admiring them when his raised arm knocked over the General. In the next panel, they were gone. Occasionally given to Beetle by Sarge — literally, as in literal kicking as well. The Chaplain crashes into a streetlight. Usually Comically Missing the Point. Anyone who talks to Zero seems to be suffering from Aesop Amnesiaas they continue to use sarcasm on him, even though they should know by now that he will always take them seriously. Sometimes after giving an order, the person realizes his mistake too late to correct it. Zero, take this report to the General's office and step on it! Sarge breathlessly arrives at the General's office.

The report is on the floor with a footprint. Buxley when she was being portrayed as dumb. Louise Lugg says she wishes two men would fight over her.

It has only been disappointed in various books on the group's january. The widest sttrip between them is that she's sexually immoral, whereas he's afraid of shorts. After included him and self him up, Infidelity customs that's enough red for one day, and the two go to eat.

Sarge tries to arrange this by having her lie strrip on the ground with Sarge and Beetle having Beet,e boxing match above. Cookie tells Beetle cartoin write a note for Beftle notice board exhorting the soldiers to eat everything on their plates. His being lazy and just writing "eat everything" results stgip their raiding the kitchen. Then the food blows up. Otto usually sticks to female dogs, but he also has an attraction to human women especially Ms. Buxley, like everyone else which is clearly sexual. Then again, he has also been know to date cats, so he's really not that picky.

General Halftrack just can't take criticism. Walker was no exception, though he did take the additional step of seeing his more mature Beetle Bailey sketches published in Sweden. Varning for Snusk Warning for Smutthe collection depicts Beetle and his cast in a series of ribald, leering panels featuring jokes about sex and engaged in salacious, very not-safe-for-work activity. Well, an editor in Sweden once asked me about them, and I said, 'Oh, you can't run them in newspapers. Walker decided to have Halftrack undergo sensitivity training after a series of headlines about real Army commanders behaving inappropriately.

In a rare detour into seriousness, Walker decided to explore the real-world issues of post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD and brain trauma suffered by soldiers in the panels of his strip. In one installment, Beetle is shown having nightmares and trouble sleeping. Walker said he did it to help raise awareness for the lingering effects of war on returning military personnel.

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