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She licked up and down its very generous length, for what ffiends like an eternity to me, before she finally took its massive purple head in her mouth. My dick began to throb when Frkends saw her lips begin to slide down its length. Eventually, I went to the spare room to sleep, so Candy could enjoy Darren fucking her for the rest of the night. I didn't want my presence to be a hindrance to anything he wanted to do to her. My only wish was that she enjoy herself. I got up early the next morning, dressed and went down stairs to cook breakfast. Yes she said with firmness in her voice that told me she meant it.

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They both buttoned up and went back up stairs never noticing me standing off to the side in the shadows. No one else at the party ever missed them and they and Eucks slid back into the group without a word being mentioned. On the way home that night Julie, still feeling no pain, asked me what I thought of the Wide. I Wife sucks friends cock story her that a couple frienes the women that were there looked good ztory to eat. She then proceeded to suck my cock. I was plenty horny from what I Wide seen her do earlier that evening and was soon cumming violently. It was too much for her to swallow and she ended up with a face full of cum. WOW she said after pulling her cum covered face up from my crotch those women you mentioned must have gotten you really hot.

I leaned over to her and licked my cum from her face before spitting it into her mouth. I asked him why he pulled me away and he said that he had never gotten a full blow job in his life and he has never had any woman allow him to cum in her mouth so he said he didn't want to upset me, I smiled and said oh this is gonna be fun I am going to change your life. I smiled kissed his dick still with cum on my face took some off my cheek on my finger looked at him and said I swallow and licked my finger clean. I went back to my bedroom with my husband and he was laying in bed with the lights off, I clicked the lights on to show him my facial and he said I thought you would swallow, I told him the friends response and he laughed and said if this continues he has another thing coming.

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He pulped that coc, face was spending the settled and after everyone lurched to bed, I got out of bed aired into suckks vehicle's room and woke him up by portable on his tie. He bent me up to say he had been having a posting restore to go out to the cylinder, and did we get to get together one hour for a few weeks as he would make to see me and Dorothy before he left.

He phoned me up to say he Wire been given a posting date to go out to the gulf, and sucsk we want to get together one weekend for a few drinks as zucks would like to see me and Alison before he left. That evening when Alison got home from work I told her that Pete was coming down that weekend and it would be the last time we would see him for 6 months as he was going Kuwait. She was genuinely concerned about him going out to the gulf but seemed relieved when I explained there was no trouble over there. Alison has always had a soft spot for Pete, even more so now as although he has had a few girlfriends in the past he has been single for almost a year now, and she thinks another six months without sex would drive him crazy!

Alison, at 28, is 2 years younger than me.

I think she is gorgeous, but she doesn't like her lips as she thinks they are too big. If you can picture Angelina Jolie you have a good idea what her lips look like. She has long blonde hair which she usually wears up, and piercing blue eyes. Her breasts are a firm C cup, with very sensitive nipples that are almost permanently erect. Being a swimming coach her body is well toned and her legs are long and slender. Pete arrived on Friday lunchtime as I was working in my office at home. It had been a couple of months since his last visit, so I finished up for the day and we went into the kitchen for a beer.

As we sat talking, catching up on the latest gossip, I noticed Pete's attention was distracted by the sight of some of Alison's underwear drying on the radiator. It was just a white bra with matching panties, quite sheer with a bit of lace trim. I decided not to mention it, but guessed he must be more frustrated than I thought. We finished our drinks and went to my local for a few more drinks and to play some pool, so we were a bit merry by the time we got back that evening.

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