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Political institutions have been totally delegitimized. That wasthough. Sarah Sole Xlinton Day in our Dinghy: Melbourne A provocative Melbourne street artist has found his own way to get around the issue of censorship. Anyway, I thought it would be wise for Hillary to officiate the next gay wedding to demonstrate just how much she loves the idea of homo-wedlock.

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I knocked it out in three days, a record for me. I mean how do they keep all the things they cherish -- their property, their security, their uninterrupted sanctuaries -- if the rubes are getting restless? So we checked in with the painter to see how her views on politics have changed and whether Hillary is still her dream portrait subject. Yes, there's a fictional painting to go with it. Stewing resentment has come home to roost.

Lushsux, who has a minimum verdant media following, is optional for his phone-pushing street art. Regan Sole Red Gun:.

I have painted other leaders -- Merkel, Berlusconi and Sarkozy. Anyway, the days of parody are over and even though there is plenty to celebrate, there is also something to mourn here, namely the triumph of domesticity over sublime passionate love. The artist, known as Lushsux, is behind the controversial mural of Hillary Clinton where she was depicted "near-naked" in a swimsuit. The New Orleans-born artist has been depicting the Democrat since her first bid for office, transforming the Hillary we're used to seeing in press photos into a Marilyn, a Gothic American -- even a Teletubby. I feel more urgency now, especially watching Europe. That way we could all move on.

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