Liposection breast reduction

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Breast Reduction Using Liposuction Alone

From fusible to Liposcetion end. Ensure reduction, liposuction, bush hypertrophy Liposuction has become the most beautiful surgical procedure in beer medical over the matrimonial two miss.

Breast reduction Liposection

This year I turned 45 and it was time to do something for me. The whole experience has been amazing. From your gentle hand to your full explanation of the Lipo Lift. There has been very little down time and not much pain. I wish I had done this years ago. It Luposection very emotional when the bandages came off the day after surgery. I cried breasr a baby. Greast breast reduction affords a rapid procedure with minimal complications and easy recovery and can provide a useful alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery in many patients.

Breast reduction, liposuction, breast hypertrophy Liposuction has become the most common surgical procedure in plastic surgery over the past two decades. Prior to the advent of liposuction techniques, the only method of removing fatty deposits was open lipectomy, which is associated with potentially high blood loss and significant scars. Liposuction, however, has provided a safe and effective method of removing fatty deposits without scarring. Intraoperative observation has shown that the breasts of many women with mammary hypertrophy are predominantly fatty in nature. Chronic changes in posture in an effort to compensate for the weight of excessively large breasts can lead to chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Chronic pressure from bra straps can cause permanent indentations of the shoulders. Large breasts can predispose women to candida yeast infections of the skin in areas where the skin rubs together, such as between the breasts and beneath the breasts. A woman who has very large breasts may regard them as cosmetically undesirable. Finding a bra that fits and is comfortable may be impossible. Clothing does not fit well. Who is a Good Candidate? Some women are likely to have better results than other women after breast reduction by liposuction. Tumescent breast reduction totally by local anesthesia is only appropriate for a certain subset of women. However, for the appropriate patient, the results of tumescent liposuction can be extremely gratifying.

The best candidates for breast reduction by tumescent liposuction have breasts that contain a large proportion of fat. For example, women who have passed Ljposection menopause typically have breasts that contain a larger proportion of fat than do teenagers. A good candidate must also have realistic expectations. Breasts Containing a Large Proportion of Fat After menopause, much of the glandular tissue in the breasts is replaced by fatty tissue, thus, old women with large breasts are usually very good candidates for tumescent liposuction of the breasts.

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Young women rsduction continue to have menstrual periods and are somewhat overweight might also have breasts redction contain a significant amount of fat, and therefore would also be good candidates for liposuction of the breasts. The proportion of fat in the female breast can eeduction determined by a mammogram. Realistic Expectations Breast reduction by liposuction will produce a smaller version of the breasts that a woman had breas liposuction. One can expect the breasts to be significantly smaller, to be elevated and to show virtually no scars. Who is Not a Good Candidate? Not every woman is a good candidate for liposuction breast reduction.

Breaast women have breasts that will require traditional breast reduction surgery breaxt large excisions and large reductioj. Women who are not ideal candidates for breast reduction by liposuction include those whose breasts contain more glandular tissue than fat tissue. Unrealistic Expectations Women who expect perfect breasts after liposuction breast reduction have unrealistic expectations. However, liposuction of breasts creates basically no scarring at all. Best Candidates for Breast Liposuction Women who are concerned about the scarring that can typically occur as a result of traditional breast reduction surgery will likely want to look at the possibility of liposuction breast reduction.

Breast liposuction reduction is best for women who are looking for a moderate reduction in size. It works well on the fatty breasts seen frequently in older patients and less well on dense younger breasts. As with most surgical procedures, women must not be pregnant or breastfeeding when undergoing any breast reduction surgery. Pros and Cons of Liposuction Breast Reduction Liposuction can remove significant amounts of fat, but does not address other types of tissue. On the positive side, although the skin is not tightened, a surprising lift of the nipple can also occur.

Also, incisions from a breast liposuction procedure are small and easily hidden. Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery The most common procedure used to make breasts smaller is traditional breast reduction surgery. Performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia and IV sedation, traditional surgical breast reduction is more invasive than that done by liposuction. Additionally, younger woman may not be good candidates for breast reduction using liposuction since they don't have as much fat in their breasts.

As women age, breast tissue is replaced with fat, which can be removed using liposuction. Breast tissue cannot be removed in this manner. Therefore, a woman in her 20s or early 30s who wants a significant reduction in size may not be able to achieve it using liposuction alone. But this leads to the second issue… 2. Breasts, particularly young breasts, have a lot of breast tissue. Liposuction can only remove fat. So for many 18 year olds with large breasts, liposuction is not an option as a significant portion of their breast is not fat. Older women read 60s, 70s, 80s breasts are mostly fat.

But then the liposuction will not correct the drooping, just reduce the size. The lift is important.

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