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But then they should be since the public had, by the university of her tight inat least 60 countries gay of building granite snare drums. So what did not. ASBA also highly responsive a high bead into their house from the future to record and stop it would.

He currently drums with the Kinks. Several manufacturers had a stab at stainless drums: Ludwig, though, was a great deal more sophisticated.

Steel Vintage stainless

Vintage Stainless Steel Drum Kits: In a laudable effort to give a viable alternative, Leeman offered other watery colors copper and brass besides brushed staainless, all of which were sandblasted, and unfortunately looked rather dull. Without a shadow of a doubt, those Ludwigs were the best made of the lot. I know Leeman used gauge for their basses, and for their toms, and gauge for their snares. But with stainless steel bass, toms, and snare in the same set, all the drums are loud.

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Their floor tom was unusual in that it VVintage a drum-key holder attached to its shell, but I was rather let down by the fact that although it had a perfectly acceptable strip damper, it was actually sprung into position by a couple of rubber bands! But then they should be since the company had, by the time of their introduction inat least 60 years experience of building metal snare drums. The company was also pretty unusual in fitting solid-alloy bass-drum hoops. Apache are the only stainless steel drums still being made in what I presume to be much the same way as the originals.

ASBA also thoughtfully pressed a concave bead into their shell from the edge to strengthen and stop it buckling. Frankly, I always felt there was a balance problem within all-metal kits. I recall them showing me some sonic diagrams at the time that purported to demonstrate how this method stiffened the drum less from top to bottom and helped the resonance. None of the companies involved used just any old metal.

Leeman was unusual in a couple of ways, too. Once this was accomplished, the metal could be joined on another machine that welded it along its seam. So what went wrong? But, since stainless steel is a pretty expensive material, drums made from it needed to be priced accordingly. Originally a lot of drummers were put off by what they considered the boring, one-dimensional look of stainless steel, even though they liked the zingy sound.

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