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Cars of Drag Racing:

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strp However, according to Houston Motor Sports Park, draining of fluids from your can is absolutely not allowed. Meanwhile, if you are using a jack, you have to make sure that you Caf use jack stands. And at any point that the vehicle running, there must be a licensed driver in the driver seat will all the necessary safety equipment in place. The race begins with each racer taking off from the starting line at the same time. After that, it all comes down to who is the faster racer. The total time of the race for each lane is recorded and announced as the elapsed time, or E. The clock starts when the vehicle leaves the start line, not when the green comes on. The reaction time is recorded separately to show how long a vehicle waited to leave while the E.

Adding these numbers together as a "package" will show the mathematical winner every time.

Located right behind the starting line, the water box, is designed to heat the tires on the car so that it can have maximum traction. Hence, this is the place where you can practice a burn-out on your tires if you are confident. On his signal, you may "power brake" the vehicle to spin the tires for up to 5 seconds. Properly done, the tires will heat up from spinning and start smoking as you allow the vehicle to move forward out of the water box. Hence, you have to pay close attention to it. And more importantly, you have to understand its color codes. The first ones to go off are the pre-stage indicator lights and stage indicator lights, with the latter activating Car drag strip the vehicles have already moved to the staged position on the line.

Meanwhile, there are three amber lights that serve as the race starting system. After these three lights, the green lights would come off. This would signal the start of the race. However, if the red lights go off instead, this would mean that one of the cars left the starting line before the green light. Hence, a foul start occurred, and the other driver automatically won the race. Drivers should avoid skidding. The vehicle in the left lane makes a left turn exit first followed by the right lane driver. This allows a safe exit for both vehicles. No driver should ever turn around on the track since there may be another pair of vehicles ready to start the next race.

This will be called your dial in and the driver who is able to run closes to its dial-in without going faster wins the race. On the other hand, if you end up going faster than your dial-in, it will result in a break-out. Because of this, you would automatically lose the bracket race. Compensate for changing track conditions using your dial-in you can change it after each race. Also, remember that slower cars are often more consistent, so you don't need to try to eek every last HP out of the car for a bracket race. Fortunately, it is possible for you to practice drag racing without any pressure from other drivers or race officials until you get pretty good at it.

Instead of signing up for a race, just head to your favorite local track during its Test and Tune night. Here, you would have an opportunity to keep on practicing in an actual drag racing environment until you become completely confident. Just keep attending these Test and Tune nights until you feel that you are finally ready to enter your very first amateur drag race. The track is a lot slicker than most roads, so be aware and be careful. Perhaps, you can also pick up a few pointers while watching them. After all, drag racing is nothing like regular driving on the road. Hence, there are a lot of new driving skills that you have to learn specifically for this sport.

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Strip Car drag

Similar in physical appearance to their nitro-burning Funny Car counterparts, Top Alcohol Funny Cars are restricted to the use of methanol fuel and have three-speed transmissions. A typical Comp car. Each of its 88 sections is assigned an index based on what a well-built car should run, and races are handicapped according to Car drag strip indexes. One of the motivations behind the creation of this class was to keep cars as original looking as they could possibly be. SFWD is one of the most common and popular import drag racing classes. The two most common vehicles in this class are the Honda Civic and the Acura Integra.

In this class, the number one restriction is that each vehicle must retain its original chassis. No modification to the OEM floorboard or Firewall is permitted. In addition, at least one headlight and both brake lights must be fully functional. Suspension and brake modifications are allowed to a certain extent. Aftermarket components are permitted as long as the original mounting points are not modified. All four brakes must be retained and parachutes are permitted.

Dfag stock dashboard and windshield must be retained along with the car's original interior from the front seats forward, while rear seats as well as passenger-side seat may be removed. Racing gas or E85 may be used; methanol may not. Internal engine modifications of all types, aftermarket engine blocks, and engine swaps are permitted. Engines may use nitrous oxide strlp be turbocharged. Most cars are capable of running well under the index but Car drag strip electronic aids to run close to it without breaking out. No dragsters or altereds are permitted. As in Super Comp, competitors use electronic aids to run as close to the class standard without going under.

All vehicles syrip be full-bodied cars and weigh no less than 2, pounds except for six-cylinder cars 2, and four-cylinder and rotary-powered cars 1, Engine and chassis modifications are virtually unlimited. Entries are classified using factory shipping weight and horsepower and compete on indexes. The breakout rule is enforced. Stock Stock cars are similar to Super Stockers, but rules regarding everything from engine modifications to body alterations are much stricter. Virtually any car is eligible to compete, and entries are classified using factory shipping weight and horsepower.

Full Tree starts are used, and the breakout rule is enforced. Full tree starts are used, and the breakout rule is enforced. Cars can run any combination of motor: Junior Dragster racers between the ages of 8 and 18 may race a half scale version of the sport's fastest car, Top Fuel Dragster. Juniors run as follows: Dragster engine with dual-plug heads, dual ignition magnetos, and intake snorkel The UEM also has a different structure of professional categories with Top Fuel Bike, Super Twin Top Fuel Bike, and Pro Stock Bike contested, leaving the entire European series with a total of 8 professional categories.

To allow different cars to compete against each other, some competitions are raced on a handicap basis, with faster cars delayed on the starting line enough to theoretically even things up with the slower car.

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