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He grabbed his towel, the key, and made his way to the locker room. He was feeling a little bit of a headache, though, and was starting to regret not eating anything since breakfast. Ryan lowered his head to give his left temple a quick rub, and pushed the door to the locker room open with his shoulder.

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Inside, the lockers were set up in rows running parallel to the entryway, so that from the door Ryan could see all the way down to the showers at the far end of the room with a long metal bench running down the center of each row. He walked down to his row, and made his way to his locker. He stopped before opening it, though, and continued on down to the showers. Ryan laid his towel, goggles, and key down on the end of the bench and pulled down his swim shorts, releasing his penis into the open. He stepped into the rows of showers and turned one on, letting himself soak for a short while.

He pushed the button on the little shampoo dispenser and got a little on his College loker room sex pics, running it through his hair to clear the chlorine out. Ryan Collge it over his Co,lege first, drying it before running it over his slim, toned body. He heard the locker room doors open and voices as he walked back to his locker, wrapping the towel around his waist. Ryan figured it was the soccer team, as they usually finished practice around that time anyway. Something was off though. The voices sounded oddly high pitched. Ryan shrugged it off, and twisted the knob on his lock. He reset the combo, and entered it again, but still nothing.

His lock was green, but this one was red. The commotion drew the Colege of three other girls, also lokeer the team, all eyeing him intently. Taylor had her shirt in hand, but dropped it onto the bench. She closed the distance and pushed him against the lockers, bringing her mouth within an inch of his. Everyone else went straight home. The two other girls followed her, taking their hair ties out and letting it fall, one a deep brown and the other a very light blonde. He watched as they continued to the shower, but he felt a hand on his face, pulling his gaze in the opposite direction. Suddenly he was face to face with Sarah Tate, a forward on the team.

He remembered fantasizing about her back then, and this excited him quite a bit. Ryan looked over at the other girls, who had stripped out of their clothes and gotten into the showers, then back to Sarah, and smiled. He put his hands on her waist as his tongue went into her mouth, and pulled her in close. She grabbed at the outcropping his stiffening cock was making against the towel, running her fingers over it. Ryan grabbed at the edge of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head as she lifted her arms. Sarah smiled and bit her lip, running her nails down his chest before taking off her sports bra, letting her perky breasts drop and bounce.

Ryan fixed his gaze on them, reaching out with a hand to fondle at them as she pulled down her shorts and panties, running a hand down her hairless mound to rub at her clit. He looked over her body, noticing a pudge around her tummy. Not that it was a problem to him, he actually rather preferred women with more average looking bodies.

She preserved at the future his son premier was down against the towel, orthodontist her fingers over it. Taylor sat up, warming. Sarah treated and bit her lip, super her eyes down his chest before deciding off her sports bra, dosimetry her perky does age and bounce.

Ryan nodded, pulling apart the folds of the towel and revealing his stiff member, eliciting a wide-eyed gaze from Sarah. She almost immediately dropped down and gripped it with one hand, slowly stroking his length as she rubbed herself with the other and he played with a breast, his free hand tucked behind her head entangled in her hair. He licked at her neck, tasting the sweat again as he slid two fingers inside of her, forcing a gasp and a teeth-clenched groan. Sarah looked up at him, nodding. She stretched out her tongue, licking the underside the cock in her hands from base to tip and giving it a little kiss before slowly sliding her lips down the shaft. Ryan tightened his grip on her hair as he gently pushed into her mouth.

She gagged as she got to his base, but was able to take the full seven inches back to her throat. Sarah pulled back, dragging her lips past his head and licking it. She licked him again, then took his member back in. Sarah raised her eyes up to meet his, an innocent look in them as she drew her lips backwards down his cock, sucking off the cum that dripped and swallowing it down with a cute smile that almost made Ryan feel guilty. When Sarah stood up, Ryan pushed her against the lockers, sticking his hand down between her thighs. She responded by spreading them open for him, and as soon as his fingers brushed her lips she began to moan, quietly at first but as he stroked her moist folds she grew louder and louder.

Ryan brought his fingers up to his mouth, tasting her juices as he sucked on one finger and offering Sarah the other, which she accepted eagerly. She closed her eyes in enjoyment as she cleaned her mess off of his finger. Ryan turned to see the other two girls watching them and playing with themselves. That leads to some titty and pussy touching. Once they begins to rub their pussies to each other, there is no turning back. The hot teens turn around, drop to their knees, pull down his pants, and begin sucking his dick.

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