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The story of vintage bikes

While monies like Madan Mohan liner to be created to as men with a young for more bikes, restorers beside Tutu Dhawan recommend it as a expanding business. In such a luxury, sourcing guernsey machines becomes very.

According to him, British bikes were cheaper and more easily available and the trend to buy them continues even today. On the question of pricing, Ved Prakash, a third generation dealer of vintage bikes based in New Delhi adds that restoration is the main expenditure and is far less tedious if the company is still in operation. So, while an Indian takes Rs 1.

A Norton finds a home in a vintage-themed restaurant in Gurgaon, Haryana Prakash adds, 'There's a huge demand for rare chunky bikes like BSA ccTriumph Twin Cylinder cc Vintagd Triumph cc military model '. Interestingly, most buyers pick up scrap and conserve and Vibtage in their unique style. There are restorers across ih country. The main challenge of restoration, according to Dhawan, arises from the fact that most manufacturers have died out and modern mechanics find it hard to get a grip of the workings. The experts in the market today have been around for decades and put years of experience to use. In fact, they take up to two years to educate their mechanics, a practice that might end up preserving history one day.

The question of investment is a complex discourse. While purists like Madan Mohan like to be referred to as collectors with a penchant for rare bikes, restorers like Tutu Dhawan recommend it as a viable business.

In Mohan's defence, this is a closed market of collectors who don't wish to sell, and restorers who can't work on more than 2 to 3 bikes in a year. In such a landscape, sourcing functional machines becomes difficult. Sals you need to wait a minimum of three years for its value to appreciate, you also land up incurring a fair amount of maintenance cost. The motivation for nurturing a rare beauty won't come as naturally to a business driven mind. For instance, it's difficult to maintain a Douglaswhich features a belt instead of a chain, has wooden breaks and a light that comes on with the flame of a match stick.

Dhawan, on the other hand, considers vintage bikes a viable investment.

Sale in Vintage bikes india for

For most vintage-bike freaks, the yen for these motorcycles borders on reverence. It's a Vintagee that is now becoming visible, nidia in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi, and while you may not often understand them, don't underestimate their drive. Ravi kumar, a Bangalore-based real estate businessman. Hyderabad's Sukhdev 'Norton' Singh collects only, well, Nortons - he has Collectors are prepared to scour the country in search of rare bikes. Ravi kumar bought his Scott from a tea-estate owner in Munnar, Kerala, and Bangalore-based industrialist Santosh Kadam found his twin-cylinder BSA Shooting Star, which went off-line inin a town near Bangalore - a steal at Rs 17, But clinching the deal is only the beginning.

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The bikes have then to be restored to original factory "specs", or specifications. Repairs cost the earth, qualified mechanics are rare, and collectors have to depend on a few professional restorers. He says all his Jawa bikes are special because Jawa was one of the first companies in the world which introduced a twin port exhaust. Fortunately, due to the unique feature of the bike Yezdi RoadkingI was able to swap the front and the rear wheel of the bike and move to a nearby town and get the problem fixed. He passed them on to me. But one thing that all vintage bike collectors agree upon is the fact that it is an expensive hobby and is very time and effort-intensive.

Finding spares and a good mechanic is also a tough job. But I had to sell three or four bikes since it was really tough to find the spares. Some, like Mr Maniam, pick up spares whenever they can lay their hands on them. Sometimes we pick up a scrap bike and salvage the spares. Same is the case with mechanics, few are available. For small problems, I do the repair work myself. Most bike owners attend to small problems themselves.

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