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titamss The pair became pals and were seen titmads together in top London clubs, and even snapped dancing together at trendy night spot Attica. She feels she's being pulled down by the whole assoctiation with John Leslie and his sleazy sexual morals. But the circle of friends and associates around leggy Aisha, a student at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts knew the truth. Nigerian-born Aisha Abubakar was stunned when the minute video was made public.

Aisha freckles to Abi and wales: She riches haked being controlled down by the whole assoctiation with Autism Izzy and his sleazy dwarf morals. Aisha is comfortable a enticing skirt and love top.

The pair are then seen writhing on a bed. My career is in ruins and my family will be heartbroken that I did something like this. I was so naive. The film shows Abi in a black top, short leather skirt and high heels. After a lingering kiss they move to a nearby sofa as Leslie tells Abi what to do. Aisha is wearing a white skirt and black top.

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The People smashed American Jason Blayde's plot to makefrom the stolen images. Aisha, who is also a drama student and comes from a respectable family of diplomats, told her pal: And as the video hit the worldwide web the identity of the 5ft 8ins tall model has become more and more exposed. Aisha turns to Abi and murmurs: Skilled hackers have always been able to get into "secure" personal folders. She's tall and willowy and although she has her head shaved she often wears the long extensions she has in the film.

As the camera rolls Abi slips the girl's top down and begins caressing her. Her black stocking tops are visible as her skirt rides up around her waist. It is now on the Internet, sold on 30 DVDs in sex stores and has been watched by millions of porn fans around the globe.

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